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Terminal Asset Overview

Since the purchase of the facility in 2016, Limetree Bay Energy has successfully restarted operations at the storage terminal, assembled an industry-leading operations team, and entered into long-term, fee-based leases for a large proportion of storage. The facility is a “choice terminal” in the Caribbean for clean oil products due to its central geographical location relative to Caribbean Island markets, Central and South America, and West Africa. Capabilities such as in-line/closed loop gasoline blending and ship berths are protected from weather delays.

Terminal Specifications:

  • Tank assets include 167 tanks with approximately 34 million barrels of crude oil, refined products, and LPGs storage capacity
  • Tanks vary up to 284’ in diameter (capacity of up to 630 thousand barrels each)
  • Customer segregated tankage with common import/export pipelines
  • Fleet of tugboats to conduct dock berthing operations
  • Deepwater port with 11 docks (including single point mooring, or “SPM”) for the receipt and global shipment of crude and refined products
  • South-facing port with protective jetty, allowing easy access with minimal demurrage
  • Protected inland port has resulted in fewer than three days of weather closures per year over last fourteen years
  • Extensive existing pipeline interconnectivity and jumpers allow for highly flexible product movements into and around the facility
  • Above-ground piping facilitates ease of maintenance and expansion