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Refinery Asset Overview

Prior to 2012, the Limetree Bay refinery was one of the ten largest in the world, with a peak capacity of 650 mbbls/d, and one of the most modern serving the U.S. After purchasing the assets in 2016, Limetree Bay Energy initiated a project focused on restarting certain refining operations in the more modern East Refinery, which includes the crude units, vacuum unit, coker, platformers, hydrotreaters, FCC, alkylation complex, ULSG unit, and sulfolane complex. The East Refinery was developed in the 1970s, with the FCC added in 1993 and the coker built in 2002.

Refining Specifications:

  • Refinery equipment with peak processing capacity totaling 650 thousand barrels per day
  • Initial restart includes a deep conversion refinery capable of processing 200 thousand barrels per day of feedstock. Existing 62-thousand barrels per day modern coker unit and extensive hydrotreating capacity will help transition the maritime fuel sector towards the low-sulfur fuel standards required under international law in 2020
  • The facility is well-situated to process the growing supply of light sweet crude from the U.S. Gulf Coast and supply product into growing end markets in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa
  • Key restart work on site began in 2018, and the refinery is expected to restart in late 2019 with BP serving as its supply and offtake counterparty
  • Facility to support the transition to new international maritime standards while also providing needed economic development in the U.S.V.I., creating more than 1,500 local jobs during construction and 400 full time jobs beyond 2020