St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (March 21, 2020) – On Wednesday, Limetree Bay received its first delivery of a locally-produced alcohol based sanitizer which will be used to help clean the facility in light of the shortage of disinfectants. The Breadfruit Alcohol Surface Sanitizer was produced by master distiller, Art Wollenweber of Mutiny Island Vodka.

“Availability of sanitizer has been almost impossible to procure, however, Mutiny has provided us with a product that will help keep our site sanitary,” remarked Robert Weldzius, senior vice president of Limetree Bay Refining.

David Wallis and Duke Given, members of Limetree Bay’s team, contacted Mutiny to address the increasing challenge of securing sanitizers, and Wollenweber came up with the concept. Limetree Bay and Mutiny Island Vodka collaborated to bring the sanitizing product to fruition.

“When we heard from people in our community that the stores were running out of sanitization products, our Master Distiller, Art Wollenweber, made a comment that we can make our own,” stated Todd Manley, CEO and founder of Mutiny Island Vodka. “That spawned the idea to create a local solution to a global problem within our community that could help bolster deficiencies in our territory, especially in vital services and businesses,” added Manley.

The locally-produced sanitizer contains 70% denatured alcohol and Limetree Bay will be dispensing this sanitizer into appropriately labeled spray containers for use by our janitorial services.

“Their outreach is not only helping the community by consciously being proactive in reducing the spread of COVID-19, but helped Sion Farm Distillery have an additional product to manufacture during this challenging environment as a start-up company,” said Manley.

“I am very grateful that a community member is able to help us by supplying sanitizer that will help keep our contractors and employees well. Thank you Art Wollenweber and Mutiny employees for providing this needed help,” concluded Weldzius.


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